Training for the Harrods Creek Fire District is jointly conducted with the St. Matthews Fire Districts. Training is coordinated by Training Major Mike Richardson (St. Matthews). Monthly training includes
Week 1 – Annual/Mandatory training
Week 2 – Crew/Operational Training (Technical Rescue included)
Week 3 – EMS Continuing Education Training
Week 4 – Speciality Training (Instructed by Company Officers)

Training is conducted in two groups with Companies from Station(s) 1 training in the morning and Companies from Station(s) 2 participating in the afternoon.

Health and Safety

Department Health and Safety is coordinated by Major Keith Brooks (Harrods Creek) and includes yearly medical physicals, infection and exposure control as well as the department Physical Fitness program which utilizes IAFF Certified Peer Fitness Trainers who perform annual evaluations and program design for our members.