Ambulance Delivery

Harrods Creek takes delivery of Medic 1281

Harrods Creek took delivery of a  2017 Medix MSV-II 170 Ford F-450 Type I ambulance that is anticipated to be placed into service within the next 2 months to serve the District and its residents.

Historic Flooding

Harrods Creek Fire responds to flash flooding in the area

The Harrods Creek Fire Protection District took multiple local media outlets around to view the historic flooding along River Road. This was the 10th highest flood crest in recorded history in the Louisville area.


WDRB View from Inside a Boat 

Service Expansion

Ambulance Certificate of Need

The Harrods Creek Fire Protection District Assistance Corporation has been granted a Certificate of Need (CON) by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services to establish a Class 1 ALS ground ambulance service. EMS Operations are planned to begin during 2018.

New Apparatus

Boat 1291

Boat 1291 is a 2016 MetalShark Defiant 27' CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiation, Nuclear) Response Vessel funded mostly by a Homeland Security Port Security Grant

New Apparatus

Engine 1235

E1235 is a 2016 Sutphen/CustomFire Engine placed into service in September of 2016 at Harrods Creek Station 3 (St Matthews Station 2) on Brownsboro Road.